It’s not often that we get invited along to a year-long meander through beautiful South Africa. That’s what the lucky digital nomad and free-spirited road tripper Mischke Bosse started in 2021, travelling right up the coast into KZN and beyond. Every kilometre of the way, whether she was 4x4-ing or glamping under the stars, Mischke took her trusted Cotton Co towels with her. Since we first met five years ago, Mischke has been one of our biggest fans and a proud supporter of local brands, which is why we are delighted to share some of her stunning photography and memories from this unforgettable adventure.

There are very few brands that I've walked such a long path with, as I have with The Cotton Company. From the first package sent along to Zambia in 2017, to every birthday, new chapter and move after that, they've been there every step of the way.  I've used these towels, throws and wraps at the Victoria Falls, waterfall hopping in Nature's Valley, tidal pool hopping down South, and beach hopping in Cape Town. Her throws were sprawled out on beds in seaside apartments, the tea towels in my farmhouse kitchen, and recently they were for cozying up in rooftop tents.

Madeleine has supported me throughout this crazy year-long road trip and it’s finally time to take a look at all of the crazy adventures I got up to all over South Africa alongside my Cotton Company favourites.

But first, The Cotton Company Story…

“Our brand is built on a love of the traditional artisanship of Turkish towels. Working with a small family-run team of artisans in the Aegean region of Turkey, every product is lovingly crafted to perfection.”

Founder and owner, Madeleine Hugo, fell in love with Turkish towels while living in Istanbul with her family. A highlight of her stay was an extraordinary road trip through the Turkish countryside where she met a family of authentic Turkish towel weavers. To experience their legendary hospitality was humbling in countless ways. Here, over meals of chickpea stew and Çay tea, they discovered a shared love of family, food and life’s simple pleasures.

Back in her native South Africa, Madeleine decided to bring these traditional Turkish towels home, creating The Cotton Company. She carefully chooses each design specifically for the South African aesthetic and consults with her team of weavers on contemporary designs that resonate with the local market. The result ended up being a breathtaking range of superbly durable, soft and absorbent, 100% premium Turkish cotton products. Made from the finest cotton, their versatile collection adds a touch of elegance and luxury to everyday living.

Today, The Cotton Company is a family business based in Paarl, Cape Winelands. Their warmth is woven into the fabric of everything they do and their values of locally-made and hand-crafted remain their number one priority.

They’re passionate about ethical fashion…

As big believers in ethical fashion, they are immensely proud of their long-standing relationship with their artisan weavers in Turkey. In this video, you see the real people behind the products, and the love they put into their craft:



From seaside stays and beach days…

 … to multiple campsites and rooftop tent hangouts.

I’ve truly had The Cotton Company along for the ride every step of the way. Compiling this blog post made me realise that I have genuinely shared some of my best moments and memories alongside The Cotton Company and I love that. Here's to brands supporting local too. 🇿🇦 #SupportLocalLoveLocal

We’re so happy to have been with you on this incredible journey, Mischke!


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