Washing Instructions:

They might look different to the terry towels we all grew up with but Turkish towels are actually a dream to care for. They just get softer and softer with every wash, and dry so quickly - which is especially handy in winter.

Here's a reminder of how to care for your towels:

1. Don't forget that first soak: Before using a towel, for the first time, wash or soak it in cold water. This allows the cotton fibers to bloom and expand, ensuring maximum absorbency and softness.
2. Wash on a gentle cycle (30 degrees) If you wish to machine dry your towel, do so on a low to medium heat. In fact, just hang them outside, they dry so fast! This will also avoid getting loose tassels and undone fringes.
3. Never use fabric softeners as these 'stick' to fibers and make towels less absorbent.

Adding half a cup of distilled white vinegar to your washing acts as a natural fabric softener and will remove any residue. Leaving you with a more absorbent and soft Turkish Towel


If you get a pulled thread:

You can simply cut off the piece of thread. As your towel is woven, cutting this single piece won't cause it to unravel.

Got a loose tassel?

Don't stress, it's very easy to fix. Just follow these steps: