Our Turkish towels are incredible travellers; always up for an adventure with the whole family. Join us on this magical glamping trip with Lindy Kriek of Samesyn – known for their exquisite original food photography on luxury linen. 

This talented food and lifestyle photographer and content creator shared a photo story of her time away at the Pat Busch Nature Reserve in Robertson – a welcome escape during the lockdown period. We chatted about her different ventures, balancing home life and work, and her love of quality pure cotton Turkish towels. Not only popular in her gorgeous shoots but with her kids too!


  1. Tell us more about yourself – who is Lindy Kriek? 

I’m a jack of a few trades and master of – I would love to believe – being a mom. It’s the one thing I hope and pray I am doing right. I am a photographer (specialising in food photography and creating social media photography content for brands), designer and business owner, with a background in design and journalism. My photography style always tells a story and I think that’s why I love lifestyle photography and styling so much. 

I co-own SAMESYN (an Afrikaans word meaning ‘togetherness’) with Elmarie Berry (recipe developer, food stylist, photographer and foodie). We design, style and photograph food-inspired designs and then digitally print the images on fabric to make table cloths, table runners, tea towels, aprons, pot holders and velvet upholstery. 

The SAMESYN business was founded in 2018 and it has expanded so much in a very short period of time. We are so proud of what we have achieved with very little! We are food people and will always be inspired by food. We believe food brings people of all cultures and backgrounds together. We keep adding more products and our ideas are getting bigger and bigger!


  1. How do you juggle motherhood with all these different ventures?

I work really hard (and all the time), so sometimes I feel guilty but I think it’s good for my children to see me working! Working from home comes with its own challenges but I see my children more that way and I think it is good for them to be included in my work as much as possible, it might just inspire them to be their own boss one day. They know we first shoot the food then we eat it (laughs). My kids are aged 4, 8 and 10. We live in Wellington, where I also had the privilege to grow up. It’s a small town with an amazing community of creatives, so I am very happy here! If you ask my kids what my hobbies are they will say “Samesyn”, it’s so funny! I love creating beautiful spaces. I am forever moving furniture around in my home, I love cooking and I love colour and indoor plants.


Lindie Kriek 2


  1. This looks like such a peaceful location – where did you go? 

We went glamping at Pat Busch Nature Reserve in Robertson. It was the perfect mix of being out in nature and getting on with only the basics (like camping) – but we still had an aircon while ‘camping’! Would love to go back there soon! The kids loved it and it was the first time I took my Turkish towels along on a getaway.


Lindie Kriek 3


  1. How did you use the Turkish Towels on this trip?

I love all The Cotton Company products! They make my head buzz with ideas and they are so beautiful to style in photography. There was a beautiful dam just a short walk from our cabin, so while the kids were enjoying themselves in a canoe and swimming in the ice cold water, I had my camera with me and created a little shoot for myself with the Elim and Kelim Towels. 

Ninari, my eldest (who is also sensory about wearing certain types of clothes, just like me), was not feeling well the whole trip and loved being wrapped up in the soft Kelim Towel – and her standards are very high! The scenery there was so beautiful and I loved creating images with the towels that complimented nature. They definitely go together.


Lindie Kriek 4


  1. What about at home – where do you use your Turkish Towels there?

I love using the tea towels in food photography. My kids enjoy using their colourful towels when taking a bath or having a swim. They each have their own favourite colour and the different colours also make it easy to tell which towel belongs to whom. 

My Mediterranean Black is my go-to scarf, and goes with everything I wear. I don’t like wearing a lot of layers so a scarf is a must-have for me in winter. When my neck and chest are warm, I feel warm. I love always having a scarf with me that also doubles up as a blanket or towel when we are out and about. The kids – especially my youngest – is forever getting wet or taking a swim somewhere (she is the typical third child!) Then my scarf saves the day and doubles up as a blanket or makeshift dress. My kids love wearing these towels as clothes! I think they love the softness of the fabric and not feeling restricted to wear ‘normal’ clothes. Turkish towels make the most amazing and unique clothes!


Lindie Kriek 6


  1. If you can take a Turkish towel along on your travels, which one will it be?

Again, Mediterranean Black is my favourite! I love the monochrome black and white stripes. It’s super soft and bigger than a normal scarf, which I love. I just love having it with me when I go out. It’s so easy to care for.


Celebrating SAMESYN with photographer, Lindy Kriek


  1. Think of you and your towel at a dream destination. Where are you?  

I think a trip to Turkey will be next! I would love to experience their food and colourful culture. If I love my Turkish towels so much, I think I will be in love with Turkey. The South of France is also a favourite that I keep wanting to go back to. I also lived in London and haven’t been back in ten years, so would love to go back again soon.

For more highlights of Lindy’s photography, visit her website and Instagram page, as well as SAMESYN’s stunning online store and Insta page.


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