Bloggers and stylists have always adored our Turkish towels. Why? Because they just GET it. Just kidding...because we make their lives easier! They look stunning in photo shoots, can be used in a multitude of ways, add a touch of glamour to any setting, and are so super versatile. 

So we were over the moon when one of South Africa’s fashion bloggers – in fact, one of the OG’s of the SA bloggin scene – shared her love of our stunning multi-talented towels. Stylescoop’s Dimi Ingle has not only been a successful blogger for 13 years; she is also a journalist and MD of boutique digital agency StyleScoop Media.

Your kind words mean the world to us, Dimi! Read why she has fallen head over heels for The Cotton Company.

“Turkish Towels were one of those things I always wanted, but had never been entirely convinced on how effective they really are. Sure they look fabulous and effortlessly stylish in bathrooms (and on beaches), but do they actually work in terms of drying you after a shower or a swim?

The answer is YES, and today and I’m going to tell you all about my obsession with Turkish Towels, what they are and why you need these gorgeous towels in your life!

So, as I mentioned, I had Turkish Towels on my radar for some time. I was also in need of new bath towels, so I really wanted to give Turkish Towels a try instead of replacing mine with traditional terry cotton towels. The timing for me to get them could not have been more perfect. I follow The Cotton Company on Instagram and once they announced their Spring Sale, I rushed over and scored two Turkish Towels at half price. I figured it was the perfect opportunity for me to test out whether they were all that, without spending over R1000 on new towels. Each Turkish towel actually only costs between R469 – R519, but I’m weird like that, I like sets, so I needed two. With the sale, I was able to score a set of two beautiful Ballito Turkish Towels for under R500!

When my hubby first saw them, he laughed. “No ways this is going to dry like a towel” were his exact words. Words he later ate as he got out of the shower, wrapped in his Turkish Towel and completely dry. He was sold, and it takes a lot to sell him! Trust me.

Now you’re probably wondering what makes Turkish Towels so special. Well, there’s a lot, but it’s mostly about the cotton that is used to create these beautiful towels.

Not all cotton is equal, and Turkish cotton is different in that it has extra-long fibres which make the threads stronger and smoother. Turkish cotton also gets better, softer and fluffier with each wash, rather than traditional towels, which tend to lose their fluffiness.

So if you’re into buying something that will last for ages and give you love, use after use, then it’s time to ditch the bath towels and get yourself some Turkish Towels instead.

They are incredibly absorbent – even though they may seem deceiving at first. The trick with Turkish Towels is before the first use, give them a good ‘ol soak in cold water for a couple of hours which helps to loosen the fibres. I soaked mine for six hours, then washed them on a delicate cycle and they were good to go from day one. I’ve been using them for over a month now, and I can vouch, that they do indeed getter even better and quicker drying after each use.

The other thing with Turkish Towels, besides being super absorbent and beautiful is how multi-functional they are. And I really like that! I took my Turkish Towels along with me on our bush adventure, and they make the perfect travel companions! Because they are so lightweight, they fold up really small and you can use them as bath/ shower towels, beach/swim towels and they also double-up (or is that triple up) as a fantastic shawl/ lightweight cover up for game drives. You could also use them as a blanket for on-the-plane travel, or a scarf, or even wear your towel as a beach coverup.

I like to get out of the shower, then cruise around with my towel wrapped around my body while I drink my coffee, do my hair, or my makeup – and Turkish Towels are so much more comfortable to wear, than thick and heavy traditional towels.

I wanted to get another set of Turkish Towels to match my grey interior going on in my master bedroom/ bathroom, so I was super excited when Madeleine, the owner of The Cotton Company reached out to me on Instagram and offered to gifted me a set of two Turkish Towels of my choice.

I picked out the Herringbone style, which are even more glorious – if you can believe that. They are slightly more plush than the Ballito since they are a thicker weave and the fringing on the end is knotted differently, which makes them look even fluffier. Plus they serve a double purpose in my bathroom.

I wanted the hubs and I to have Turkish Towels that matched, as in had the same colour story or theme, but I wanted them to be different, so that we each have our own towels and can spot them easily. So, when I picked out the Herringbone I chose the Dark Grey and White option and the White and Dark Grey style, which is the same design, but the colour placement is different.

Now that I have two sets, you’d think the obsession would have subsided, but it has not! HAHA! As soon as my guest bathroom towels need replacing, guess what I’m going to replace them with? Beach towel replacements are also going to be heading towards new and possibly brighter Turkish Towels, simply because they are  super generously sized (100cm x 180cm) and the quick dry factor. Then, in my kitchen, I plan on purchasing some of the smaller towels from The Cotton Company’s Handtowels/Napkins range.

I’m really into my Turkish Towels as you can see, and I really love shopping from The Cotton Company. Delivery (in South Africa) is free, which for me makes a big difference when shopping online and Madeleine is really passionate about her brand. Her towels come from a family of authentic Turkish towel weavers in Turkey, so you know they are legit and the real, real deal! She also hand writes a note to you along with your towels, which is really special.

If you’ve always been on the fence with Turkish Towels, do it, you won’t regret it. If you’ve never considered Turkish Towels, then hopefully I can convince you! They are magic and I am certain you will find a style that speaks to you from The Cotton Company’s beautiful and unique collection.

I also have my eye on the Kelim collection, the Emilia and the Twilight is gorgeous too! Oh, and if you’re not into the fringed edges, the Waffle Weave Turkish Towel may be the one for you. Personally, I love the tassels.

I’d also suggest that you check out the sizes of the towels you’re interested in to make sure you get the ones you want. Both of mine were the bigger sizes (and I like that), but some of the towels may be smaller in size, like in the case of the Kelim which is 95x175cm, the Twilight which is 85x160cm and the Waffle Weave which is 85x160cm.

I’m so glad I’ve added these gorgeous towels to my life. Now, even when hubby leaves his towel draped over the armchair in the bedroom, it still looks super chic. And since it dries so quickly, I don’t have to deal with musty smells caused by towels that don’t dry."

Want to find your favourite Turkish towel? Browse our handwoven collection and our classic range – available in a range of patterns and colours.

Post originally appeared on StyleScoop. 

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