The people behind our Turkish Towels


As big believers in ethical fashion, we are immensely proud of our long-standing relationship with our artisan weavers in Turkey, so wanted to give you a glimpse into their lives and craft this month.

 In this video, you see the real people behind the products, and the love they put into their craft:



Before COVID, I used to visit Edip and his family often in the small rural village where they live. Creating these one-of-a-kind pieces is a real family affair. The day is spent washing cotton, weaving, folding, packing, hand-tying tassels and chatting around a courtyard. Everyone’s involved, from the kids to grandpa and grandma! 

 Our weavers in Turkey


Here’s where we enjoy long lunches under the trees, chatting about life, love, health and our new designs with the rhythmic sounds of weaving machines in the background. 


Machines our weavers in Turkey use


Everything and everyone you see in the video is the real story behind the towels and throws we sell. Take, for example, Mehmet who makes our robes. He has done so since he was eight years old, learning this ancient craft from his father. Now he will pass his knowledge down to his son. Everyone has a unique skill and story to tell.


Life of our weavers in Turkey


April is the month when we mark Fashion Revolution – the global movement that values people and the environment over profit.


Our weavers creating beautiful towels in Turkey

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