Oh, Turkish towel. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. It’s the most brilliantly versatile accessory you’ll ever own – and I’m not just saying it because it’s my business! 

Also known as a peshtemal, fouta or hammam towel, these lightweight towels were originally designed to be used in steamy Turkish baths. If you’ve ever been to Turkey, you’ll know that it gets insanely hot there, so you can just imagine how humid it must get in a hammam. You can also imagine how perfect these are for South African climates: light, quick to dry and perfectly suited to our laidback outdoor lifestyle.


Here are a few ways in which I use my Turkish towel everywhere I go:

Herringbone Royal blue and bright yellow1. Beach towel

The clue is in the name: first and foremost the Turkish towel is fantastic to dry yourself off with after a dip in the ocean. Generously sized, there is nothing like the feeling of crisp cotton when you get out of the pool or if you want to envelop a little one in your arms. Forget thread counts, forget heavy, sandy terry towels. Pop these babies over a chair and they are dry and sand-free in under an hour. Not to mention, you’ll be the most stylish beach bum ever.  Herringbone - Royal blue & bright yellow










Transform any outfit with a scarf
 2. Transform any outfit with a scarf

The wonderful thing about cotton is that it’s warm when you need it to be and cool when you don’t. Some of our designs are particularly lightweight and well suited to being used as scarves, such as the Kelim with its on-trend Aztec print and Süd with its nautical stripes. I can have endless fun wearing my towel as a scarf – wrapped around my shoulders, with the classic wrap-around-the-neck move or making a sort of snood with it. You’ll have that sophistication meets I-didn’t-try-very-hard look down to a fine art.



Picnic blanket
3. Picnic blanket

I say picnic blanket but, for me, it’s basically everywhere I want to sit and not ruin my clothes. Imagine finding yourself at a rustic wedding and - oh cute - the sofas are made of hay! Instead of ruining my cocktail dress, I’d rather whip out my Turkish towel. They take up such little space and should be a permanent fixture in your picnic basket or backpack. Seriously, always keep one in the car: you never know when you’ll be invited for impromptu sundowners or need it for a clever boho tablecloth. Kelim Blanket/Throw

Gym or yoga towel
4. Gym or yoga towel

Why have a boring face towel if you can mop your brow with some cool, crisp cotton? Super absorbent and compact, it’s just the thing to slip into your gym bag, take hiking or on a cycling trip.  Elim - Navy


Turning a bathroom into a spa
5. Turning a bathroom into a spa

A Turkish towel draped over a bath instantly adds the wow factor. Add a pop of colour, opt for classic stripes or go for layered tones and textures. Keep a bit of luxury just for yourself in amongst all the kiddy paraphernalia and cherish your me-time in the embrace of sweet, sweet 100% cotton. Spa-a-a-aaah…. Bodrum Turkish Towel

A cosy blanket
6. A cosy blanket

Our 100% cotton Turkish towels are big enough to double up as blankets so work really well around a patio area or your favourite reading nook. Fill up a wicker basket with them and offer them to dinner guests when the evening chill sets in.  Dimanta Blanket/Throw

The very best travel companion
7. The very best travel companion

A Turkish towel takes up less space than one ankle bootie so you can certainly squeeze one into your bag on a long trip. Use it on the plane as a blanket. Wear it as a headscarf on trips to temples where you need to cover your head. You can even use it as a bag (just tie the ends together) if you’ve done more shopping than you can carry (hey, we’ve all been there). At a push, it can even become a dress if you’ve run out of clean clothes. It’s easy to wash in a hotel sink and dries super quickly. It’s just an absolute must. Süd - Black

The gift that keeps on giving
8. The gift that keeps on giving

Finally, I just love gifting a Turkish towel to friends and family. As a baby blanket, it’s blissfully cool in summer and snuggly and warm in winter. Its generous size makes it ideal for swaddling a baby. For a wedding present, I love to have the couple’s initials monogrammed on the towel or to gift them a curated gift set. It’s a cute gift for a beach mad teenager, your boss or your best friend.  Dimanta - Light Pink
















There you have it! Just a few of the ways in which I use my Turkish towel wherever I go.

How do you use yours? Keep sharing your photos on our Instagram page – we love to see what you get up to.









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